Expand market reach With Astral studios you need look no further to create your new online corporate video and begin marketing your product and services on the internet.

With the advent of faster broadband, video will be the format of choice for effective delivery of your corporate communication. A corporate video production, outlining your company’s products and services will compel your customers to do business with you and promote your business further.

Video can be especially helpful when your product is complex in nature or can only be fully demonstrated in a live and moving presentation.

For your products to fully be appreciated it is best to place them in their working environment and in cases where the product is technologically difficult to fully demonstrate a video production including 3D animated simulations can go a long way in satisfying your customers understanding of your product thus making an assured buying decision that leads in to long term client relationship.

Video engages people for effective communication directly in a way that can sell your products and services in a consistent and proven manner. Even small-business owners, can now afford the cost of producing a video, with added benefits of wide online distribution on the internet. Using video in your marketing can bring faces, voices, personality and heart to your operation.

Video has become a tool that nearly any business can use to enhance their marketing efforts on any channel.

Our extensive experience in all the areas of Media Solutions and Communications ensures professional production and building long term customer relationships. We research and develop themes to drive campaigns that can be incorporated throughout marketing material successfully. An animated company logo of your company can also be created and included in all communication material.

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The Business Pulse International Channel will Inform, Connect and Empower People and Business to achieve their ultimate potential to clarify and achieve purpose, happiness and success!

For businesses and people to learn from, by accessing diverse knowledge and business skills, leveraging technology and innovations, building strong connections and networks and being inspired and motivated.


Our mission is to network and collaborate with content matter experts from around the globe in order to create a learning platform that enables businesses to prosper.


To empower global communities in acquiring and creating abundance.


The Business Pulse Channel is committed to consistently delivering current and relevant material that enables the SME business community to empower themselves through continuous learning.

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Companies that have websites but have little or no marketing videos can now cost-effectively boost their SEO and generate leads. The quickest and most efficient way to get a good return on your marketing investment is to create a web video of your company, product or service to send to your prospects. Firstly, Video is a fantastic way to communicate with your clients, generate new leads and help you close more business. Secondly a highly cost effective, in fact free constantly available “TV” channel is YouTube. An Online company profile is equivalent to creating a professional virtual sales rep that is continuously available and sells for you 24 /7.

With 2million unique searches on YouTube per day in South Africa it an opportunity not to be missed to market your company online. You can send the video via e-mail, post it on You Tube, on your website and share it among all your social media. We are offering an exciting Video special for Small Businesses to use on your very own Website.

For R12000 (plus vat) you can start creating your very own YouTube channel. Start with a 60sec YouTube Promo, linked to a YouTube ad campaign that can generate views and leads every month. Then slowly over time add 60 sec product / service infomercials until you have a YouTube portfolio of about 10 video clips that continues to draw even more views and therefore generates more business.

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For broadcast and online distribution.

Our series includes 3D animated educational series, comedy, health and environmental genres. Our studios provides the entire production package from concept to broadcast delivery formats and owns full intellectual property rights on all productions. All our series have been distributed internationally on VOD, Online educational centres and libraries, and broadcast stations around the world.

Our featured TV series includes:


Max the animated mouse explores the wonders of science by engaging young children’s' creative minds through exciting experiments.


An informative, life-saving journey of medical discovery into the world of health and lifestyle conditions.


A comical host explores the recipe for the ultimate cultural delights from around the world, combining fun, food and flavour.


Jo-Jo, a self-conscious teenage heroine saves the earth's endangered species from the evil forces of Pandora, one adventure at a time.

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