6 Types of Virtual Events Your Company Can Host in 2022

6 Types of Virtual Events Your Company Can Host in 2022

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Virtual events allow businesses to hold conferences, training sessions, and presentations while saving time and money on travel expenses. In this article, we will discuss 6 kinds of virtual events your company can host in 2022. These include virtual training webinars, virtual panel discussions, virtual town hall meetings, and more!

Virtual Conferences

A virtual conference (also called a virtual summit) is an online event where participants from different locations gather to discuss specific topics with one another.

Virtual conference platforms allow attendees to view and share presentations, collaborate on documents, ask questions in real-time via text or video chat, and more.

Instead of paying for the travel expenses associated with a physical event, attendees can participate from their homes or offices.

Many conferences these days are set up as hybrid events. Here, some participants are physically present, while others are able to take part online.

These events are a popular choice for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Training Webinars

Training webinars are virtual events where a company’s employees and customers can learn and grow as they sit at their desks.

Training webinars are one of the many types of virtual events your company could host.

Companies that offer online training programs may hold virtual training sessions to supplement their physical in-person training classes. In addition, they might provide live virtual support for customers who need help with certain aspects of the business’ product(s).

This online event option is ideal for businesses that have employees or customers located throughout the country or across the globe. This is because it allows virtually anyone with Internet access to participate.

Virtual Panel Discussions

A virtual panel discussion (also called a virtual roundtable) is a virtual event where a group of experts discuss a specific topic with one another.

Hosting virtual events like this is great for businesses that want to get expert insights on a certain topic without having to fly people in from all over the world.

Virtual panel discussions are typically moderated by a journalist or other industry expert. They usually feature two or more virtual experts who share their knowledge, experience, and opinions on a specific subject.

Panel discussions are great virtual events for businesses that want to:

– get expert insights from industry leaders; and/or

– learn about the pros & cons of certain products or services without having to shell out money for travel expenses.

Virtual Town Halls

A virtual town hall is a virtual event where employees, customers, partners, or other stakeholders can participate in real-time via audio and/or video chat.

This virtual event option allows businesses to host virtual events for large groups of people without having to reserve an entire conference room at their office. Online events like this are also great for employees who live in different time zones or for customers/partners around the world.

Virtual town halls are a great way to get people involved and engaged with one another. They could they discuss company-related topics, ask questions, share opinions, etc. They’re also helpful virtual events since businesses can record them so that attendees can review them later.

Virtual town halls are especially useful for businesses that want to:

– promote open dialogue and transparency;

– collect feedback from employees, customers, or other stakeholders; and/or

– host virtual meetings with large groups of people and allow for audience participation.

Virtual Awards Ceremonies

A virtual awards ceremony (also called a virtual gala) is a virtual event where participants can view and interact with the host as he or she presents an award to one or more recipients.

The different types of virtual events include virtual award ceremonies which recognize the achievements of your stakeholders.

Virtual ceremonies are great for businesses that want to:

– encourage employees, customers, partners, etc. to achieve goals or benchmarks;

– celebrate the achievements of employees, customers, partners, etc.; and/or

– thank employees, customers, partners, etc. for their contributions to the company.

Virtual Roadshows

Traditionally, roadshows are physical events where the host travels around to different cities or countries and gives presentations in each location.

Hosting your roadshow virtually can reduce or eliminate the costs and the environmental impact of travel.

Virtual roadshows are great for businesses that want to:

– market their services/products nationally or internationally;

– provide training on their services/products nationally or internationally; and/or

– hold virtual events in multiple locations simultaneously.


So there you have it! Six different kinds of virtual event that your business can host in 2022. Now it’s up to you to decide which virtual event type is the best fit for your company’s needs.

Of course, virtual events can use a mixture of formats. For example, you might have a virtual training webinar which concludes with a virtual panel discussion. Or your virtual roadshow may include an awards ceremony.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing virtual event types:

– Where will the virtual event take place?  Will it be in multiple locations, or just one location like your office? Will it have an international reach, or is it only for people within a certain country or city?  

– How many virtual attendees do you expect to host during your virtual event?  How many virtual attendees can your virtual meeting platform support at one time? Will your event work better as a hybrid event?

– What kind of virtual event technology will you use to host the virtual event (e.g., video conferencing, screen sharing, audio chat)?  

Companies and event planners that want to create a future for their business need to start thinking about which kinds of virtual and hybrid events they want to host. You need to start planning for your virtual future NOW!

Need help choosing which virtual event types would be best for your company? Astral Studios offers a free consultation to discuss your virtual event.