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Producing a video takes time and focused effort, arguably the most valuable resources to any organization. The ideal video finally produced will have several attributes:

  1. Comfortably guide viewer to take cognisance of the concept presented.
  2. Energize and excite the viewer to take action.
  3. Enthuse the viewer to remember the brand or message.

Deciding to do a video can sometimes be a big step, this is why speaking to a professional is imperative so that you can be best informed on the available styles and content elements such as 3D animation, stock footage, studio or location shooting. There are so many options but only a few solutions that are practical, feasible and within the kind of budget, necessary to reach the desired effect or objective with your video.

Mike Byron with Astral Studios has expertise that spans to over 35 years in business having acquired business acumen that will accurately identify the mood, visual tone and context of the subject matter so that creative elements such as lighting, movement and colour come together masterfully.

Preproduction consultation

For example, are we branding a particular product or service? Are we selling an idea or are we informing and educating audience in order to influence them to take some kind of action?

Understanding the target audience and their reasonable expectations, the video to be crafted should instil a favourable and positive response in the mind of the viewer.

On production:

Once these elements have been established only then we will be able to begin with the creative strategy that will put together cinematic technology and methodology that will leave you with a smile of content.

Further considerations in the editing stage

When all the recording and shoot elements have been completed, they will come together in the edit suit, where the final video will start to take shape. The production is further emotionally energized with music sound and sound design, visual effects and 3D design. With all the final touches and tweaks in the grading stage, this can and further enhance the viewing experience to create a professional product.

How We Work

Astral Studios is a video production company which creates high-quality corporate videos to enhance your brand.  We can take your project all the way from concept to completion.

The purpose of these projects was to drive brand awareness and to meaningfully engage your market audience by creating promotional, educational and entertaining video content.

Our team has years of experience in the industry. We’ve created videos for a wide range of businesses. We have testimonials from many satisfied clients to support this.

We combine sophisticated technology and our creative talents to create video content that our clients love. We can create your video using live action, animation, special visual effects and stock footage.

You’ll be meeting Mike.

corporate video, Corporate Video Consultation

Mike is the Creative Director of Astral Studios. With over three decades of experience with consummate skills in communication and extensive knowledge of the business world.

As a creative director, Mike has passionate attitude and enthusiasm to develop inspiring video communication productions to help businesses build a strong connection with their target market.


Mike conducts all our initial consultations and works closely with every client.


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What I really like about Mike is his creativity. He comes up with great ideas and then he actually makes then come alive in a stunning video. He guided me through the shoot in the most professional manner. Putting me at ease right away when I was in front of the camera. Oh, did I forget to say Mike’s services are most affordable and really worth the investment.

Francois Muscat, WSIOMS

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