Corporate Video Production: The Creative Development Process

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

When it comes to corporate video production, you’ll want the experts of Astral Studios to be involved not only with the creative development process, but also the production and post-production phases.

Today, almost every company makes use of digital video production to get their brand in front of Internet users and television viewers. To stand out among the thousands of videos on the social media scene and television, you need to be extra creative.

That’s where we come in. We are here to make it possible for your brand with cost-effective and innovative video and 3D animation solutions that will get your video in front of the audience faster, but without compromising on quality and creativity.

Our take on the Creative Process in Corporate Video Production

No two video projects are the same and with that in mind, we have a customised approach. The Astral Studios team of producers, designers, and media specialists works in close relationship with you to:

  • Determine the video production objectives.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Select the best vehicle and method for delivering the message.
  • Create the message and script.
  • Conceptualise.
  • Scout for location where relevant.
  • Plan the project.
  • Prepare for casting.
  • Cast if applicable.
  • Film on location.
  • Create 3D animation and graphics.
  • Manage voice-overs.
  • Add visual effects.
  • Design sound-outcome.
  • Add music or a jingle.
  • Edit the project.
  • Test view.
  • Deliver final product.

For most people, video production isn’t an everyday occurrence and more often than not, they become overwhelmed with what the entire process entails. We understand that you are an expert in your specific niche and we cannot expect you to be an expert on all creative aspects of video production as well. As such, we feel it is important that we discuss the details of what your particular project entails and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that the video will meet your requirements.

In essence, we explain the three phases of corporate video production and ensure that you will be in control of the outcomes.

The three phases mentioned are:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Pre-production Phase

We understand the importance of the initial creative process and planning and never skip this phase because it determines the direction of the entire process. Your input is especially valuable and as such the pre-production phase starts with determining:

  • Budget
  • Key deliverables
  • Dates for completion of each deliverable
  • Project plan
  • Target audience
  • Medium of video delivery (Internet, presentations, Big Screen, television or billboards)

The pre-production process serves as the foundation for the project. We consult with you to determine objectives, budget and target audience. Pre-production typically starts by developing a detailed project plan that helps guide each phase of the project.

The first meeting is all about establishing the direction of the project and this is where the creative juices start to flow. We create the outline and this is followed by a master plan with a well-written and planned script. It maps visuals, cast, narration, length, effects, sound and more. By taking time to get this part perfect, time and money can be saved. The right message is selected and once you’re happy, the next step in this process starts.

The storyboard is created where needed such as when abstract ideas must be presented. With such, 3D animation helps to convey otherwise difficult concepts in a short timeframe and in a way that helps the audience grasp the concept.


The production phase entails the actual making of the video. Our team works on creating the message and the entire process can involve from narration, voice-overs, graphics, and animation to special effects, sound, photo shoots, live filming and more.


Our team assembles the actual video footage and then make the enhancements. You can look at it as a polishing process. Without this phase, all the previous creative work means nothing. We make cuts, add 3D effects and perfect the sound and music. Colour variations are taken into account and we make revisions to ensure a stunning end-product. The video is delivered in its rough draft form and more editing follows. After all the tweaks have been done, we encode the product according to your requirements.

The above gives you a summary of the main steps involved in the creative process of corporate video production. With every video being unique, we customise the steps and process to fit the specific project. Drive your message home by using the expertise of the Astral Studios team.


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