How to drive conversions and sales using video

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You’re starting a new business which means you’re probably a bit strapped for cash. You’re well aware of the fact you need a website and an online presence, but at the moment you’re more focused on generating leads, growing your business and managing the day to day challenges. You’re not necessarily too concerned with the “nice to haves,” such as video marketing.

This type of ‘cash strapped’ thinking is very common in South Africa’s business environment. Unfortunately, videos are often seen as a “bad spend” or something only large corporates produce. The truth is you will always derive tremendous benefits from a video, which is why people need to get over the paradigm that video won’t give you a good return on investment.

With a carefully planned, produced and executed video marketing campaign, you will get to communicate with many people at once and your message will be able to reach more places and more people, faster. Using social media can fuel your efforts, delivering your message to hundreds of thousands of people at a push of a button. Video allows you to do business 24x7x365. If you’re closing five deals a day or have invested in a salesperson who can close 10 people a day, just imagine the type of sales and conversions you’re going to get when you’ve reproduced your message into a video which can do all the work for you.

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