How To Harness The Power Of Video Marketing In 2019

(Last Updated On: Oct 15, 2019)

So much has changed in the digital marketing landscape over the last decade. From technological advancements to tools and platforms, the world of the Internet just gets more and more interesting. Looking at the current trends, none proves more dominating than video marketing.

The infographic below by Serpwatch predicts that by 2021, 82% of all Internet traffic will come from videos. It is not a surprising leap from where it is today if you examine the emergence of videos in different digital marketing channels.

Whether you are scrolling through social media, checking email newsletters, or visiting your favorite websites, you will see how videos are incorporated in every marketing campaign. They are known to encourage higher engagement, drive traffic, and provide a unique user experience.

What is Video Marketing?

As one of the most effective digital strategies in the modern era, video marketing conveys messages, illustrates complex ideas, and persuades the audience to make a particular action through the use of videos.

With an easy-to-digest format, videos are the preferred tool by many Internet users when they are trying to search and learn more about a particular product or service.

But video marketing is not just any other video that shows motion pictures and appeals to the senses. For videos to become an effective marketing tool, they must offer content that has the power to attract, engage, and convert audience into potential customers.

When used as a marketing tool, videos can promote a brand, build rapport with customers, and have the potential to go viral.

Why Do Businesses Need Video Marketing?

Businesses are increasingly leveraging video content to guide customers throughout their customer journey.

Videos play a vital role in the success of many marketing and sales funnel. Many marketers invest in video marketing because of its effectiveness in creating brand awareness, securing leads, and growing the return on investment.

Customers are more likely to come to a purchasing decision after watching a video, especially those that give demos or helpful tips.

It is a versatile and profitable marketing tool that can be distributed across different digital channels. Social media, which has truly penetrated the lives of billions of people worldwide, provides ample space for video marketing to flourish. Millions of people spend hours on social networking sites to watch videos.

Beyond the social platforms, video marketing is also essential to rank high in search engines results pages. In fact, many search engines favor a website with videos on its thumbnail. They are one of the main drivers of organic traffic from SERPs.

Types of Video Content

A successful video marketing strategy depends on the type of content you churn out. When creating a video, it is important for you to think beyond selling and making a profit. Providing value in the form of information, entertainment, or a good user experience can do wonders for any video marketing campaign.

Here are the types of video content that you can offer to your audience.

Educational Videos

Videos that aim to teach the audience about the product or service and how it works fall under this type. This is where potential customers get to learn all about the benefit of the product they are planning to purchase, eventually influencing their decision whether to buy it or not.

Promotional Videos

This type of video positions the brand and generates awareness. It is often created as part of a larger advertising campaign, revealing the personality, culture, mission and vision, and product offerings of the brand.

Live Videos

Social media is the best platform to give behind-the-scene footages of your business. It can be brainstorming with the staff or a community event that your company joined in. Live videos are magnets for engagement.

Testimonial Videos

What better way is there to convince your potential customers to buy your products than giving them a testimonial from your loyal customers? Testimonial videos can show your audience how and why your product or service can help solve their problems. Hearing it from a fellow customer can build trust.

Animated Videos

Eye-catching and entertaining, animated videos explain difficult concepts and technical aspects of products or services in a simple and fun way.

Augmented Reality

Ever heard of Pokémon Go? That game has popularized augmented reality, a technology that enhances user experience through adding a digital layer to a video or image. It is still in early stages, but this video type poses a lot potential.

Video Marketing Best Practices


The power of video marketing lies in its ability to incorporate storytelling. More than the ultimate aim of making a sale, you should offer your audience something valuable — tell a story, entertain, and evoke their emotions.

Let your videos anticipate and understand your audience’s wants and needs. Share the story of your brand, its history, origin, ethos, culture, and the people behind it. This will make your brand relatable to potential customers.

Stick to the Point

Make the most of the first 10 seconds of your video. Many Internet users can easily be distracted by millions of other interesting things that call their attention. By making the introduction short and to the point, you will more likely hold your audience’s attention and manage their expectations right away.

Focus on Being Informative

Educate first and sell later. Experts are not saying this just for fun. There is a very good reason why educating audience can yield better results instead of selling them products outright.

By telling them about your product and teaching them how to make the most of it, potential customers will understand the merits of what you are offering. They will trust you more, too, which increases the possibility of converting them into paying customers.


Determine the ideal length of videos for each platform. Not all channels are equal so what works for YouTube might not work for Facebook. Take the time to learn the optimal length for each channel.

For example, Instagram videos gain the best results when they are around 30 seconds long while YouTube videos fare better when they are around two minutes.


Never forget to include captions for landing pages videos, which are commonly put on silent mode, to avoid scaring away viewers.


Keep your videos mobile-friendly. Since many people use smartphones to scroll through social media feeds or even for searching, optimizing videos for mobile use is imperative. Many search engines give plus points to websites that are accessible on mobile devices too.

Call To Action

Remember to put a clear call-to-action, whether it is asking the audience to subscribe to your channel, click on the link to your website, or leave a comment. This can increase engagement and boost conversion rates.


Video marketing is the future. It is an essential addition to every digital marketing strategy if you want to remain relevant, effective, and meaningful to potential customers. If you haven’t started on your video marketing strategy yet, now is the best time to do so.

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