Mouse in the House

A fun edutainment series (13min x 26 eps) aimed at kids in grade 3 and 4 (aged 8 to 10 years) that provides a platform for discovery and learning of the world of science around them.

Executed in both 3D animation and live action footage, this dynamic series is hosted by two animated mice characters – Max, a brainy ‘lab rat’ and Maya, a young inquisitive protégé – who uncover fascinating facts about how things work and why things happen in a particular way. Their initial questioning and investigation begins in their hi-tech lab, aided by Professor Sal Rex who explains the science at work whilst an expert conducts the actual experiment with the help of two kids. This then leads them into a real world visit to see the science in application.

The series is designed to coincide with a primary school syllabus, incorporating elements pertaining to science, biology, geography and mathematics, broadening the viewer’s interest spectrum.

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