Ten steps to a high-impact corporate video

Producing a high-impact corporate video takes experience. I’ve been in the business for years and have been able to narrow down 10 things which any corporate video needs in order to grab attention:

  1.     Tell a story: Use your video to take your viewers on a journey. Don’t show facts and figures and spreadsheets, tell a story to make an emotional connection with a potential client.
  2.     Think “one”: You only need to connect with one person through your video – the person who’s watching. Talk directly to their needs and challenges.
  3.     Think “timeless”: A powerful story is timeless and it’s memorable, it doesn’t become irrelevant after a few days or weeks.
  4.     Be real: People can tell when you’re being fake so focus on being authentic.
  5.     Think “quality”: Don’t skimp on your corporate video. Hire an experienced team that can guide you through the creative process and professionally edit your video.
  6.     Think eMOTION: The “e” is for emotion, energy, enthusiasm and engaging. Make sure your video captures the emotion of your viewers.
  7.     Think “play”: Your video needs to have a playful element, so make sure you focus on making it fun in order to outshine your competitors.
  8.     Think “customer”: Use your customers to tell your stories for you. Client testimonials can be powerful branding tools in the video marketing industry.
  9. 9.    Think “30”: There’s nothing duller than watching a 10 minute video that feels as if it’s an hour long. Make sure you change your content, pace and rhythm every 30 seconds in order to make a ten minute film feel like it’s only five minutes long.

10. Think “hero”: Find the heroes in your business (such as your employees) and let them tell your story for you.

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