Three reasons why video marketing is ideal for small businesses

If you come across a relatively small business you want to buy a product from, or partner with for a service, do yourself a favour and check out their website. Many times, you will see these businesses don’t have videos on their website (you might be lucky to find one video about what they do). What are small business owners missing? Why don’t most small businesses actively make use of video to attract more business, more clients and more money?

Video marketing is ideal for small businesses for a number of reasons. Here are the top three:

It’s cheaper than traditional advertising

What would it cost to product a radio or television commercial and have it air on TV or radio? A lot of money. Many small businesses complain about not having the marketing budget to produce videos but the truth is, you can’t not do it. The cost of producing your own video and marketing it yourself has become affordable, even for businesses operating in small communities.

More bang for buck

Thanks to the internet and social media, your video can be shared and re-shared hundreds and thousands of times. You will effectively be reaching people who you never would have been able to come into contact with otherwise. If you’re looking for a marketing vehicle that can go the distance, video marketing is it.

Brand building

A business is defined by the strength of its brand. Every company, whether large or small, has a brand; this is the way in which consumers perceive the company. Understand that one of the most important parts to building a brand is creating a visual scheme for that specific brand. A video can help you solidify your brand in your industry.

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