e-Learning Is Cost-effective Technology
To Enable People To Learn Anywhere

Professional e-Learning Courses covers a wide set of applications and processes, including online learning, web-based learning and mobile learning and has proven to be a potent and cost-effective method for delivering training.

Astral Studios creates fit-for-purpose solutions to align to your Professional e-Learning Courses strategy, business need and target audience.

We have the expertise and experience to facilitate e-learning for you, professionally and flawlessly. It is what we do. We have taken a lead in creating online portals for e-learning for educational institutions and corporate clients.

Furthermore, we can build professional quizzes and advanced assessments with drag-n-drops, rich media, video, branching, and flexible scoring and testing rules. There are various question types, including Hotspot, Matching, Word Bank and more.

Why use professional e-learning courses?

  • With the ever growing population growth and the burgeoning of urban areas, travelling to Learning Centres and the cost of infrastructure and administration of such centres has made e-learning a better choice for Higher Education and training.
  • e-Learning is a convenient, affordable and ideal method of delivering impactful learning experiences.
  • Video can educate, entertain and engage your staff, customers and stakeholders.
  • The production of e-learning course material includes material (such as structured PDF documents), and highly interactive content containing animations, audio and video.
  • At Astral Studios we create fit-for-purpose solutions to align to your learning strategy, business need and target audience
  • We offer complete project solutions and the facilitation in adopting LMS (Learning Management Systems) with the creation of online portals for educational institutions and corporate clients.


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