World-Class Visual Effects Through Blue/Green Screen Technology

At ASTRAL STUDIOS, our video production specialists in Johannesburg utilize Green and Blue Screen keying methodology for a number of creative applications. This enables us to place people in magical environments or in difficult or scarce locations, such as underground mining, beaches, hospital theatres and anywhere else you can imagine! These environments or backgrounds can also be created along with added digital elements such as fire, smoke and water for intense, high impact realism.

By utilizing this very affordable and effective technology, our clients are able to create incredibly creative and innovative corporate videos that are ideal for their business website, product launches, conferences and more.

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Elevate your business and increase sales! You can demonstrate your expertise and give your prospects an instant and concise tour of your company, its services, and processes.

Web video creates a personal touch to connect you with your customer and build an element of trust.

A business web video provides an innovative solution to drive traffic to your website, capturing the essence of your business and gives a personal touch to help connect you with your customer.

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