Who’s behind the brand? Use expert video production and character animation to showcase yourself – and your business

When people stumble upon your website or blog, who do they engage with? Website visitors rarely get to connect with, or hear from the business owner, the founder, the person who started everything.

This is definitely a lost opportunity for business owners to connect with their customers and potential customers. Most business videos focus purely on products, but what I have found, is that a lot of business owners who are quite comfortable with presenting to audiences in boardrooms, freeze up the moment you put them in front of a camera. That’s when everything changes. They become intimidated and they get what we in the industry call, stage fright.

When it comes to personal videos, practice makes perfect. If you want to look comfortable and showcase your leadership abilities on camera, then you need to get in front of the camera often. Knowing some clever techniques to make you look great on camera also helps and having been in this business a long time, I know what these are and how to adapt them to your style so that you do look like the star of the show.

Today’s clients are used to making digital connections with people, friends and brands. Video provides a massive opportunity for those who are prepared to step out of their comfort zone and get in front of the camera, get their business message out there and generate sales.

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