How SMEs Can Use Videos To Boost Exposure And Increase Sales

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Video marketing is one of the best strategies an SME can use to increase sales. Not only is it a great way to greatly increase your exposure, but it’s also a fun, interactive and engaging way to communicate with your target audience.

SME’s don’t always have the marketing budgets to book TV commercials (even for big businesses – this can be a huge expense), but creating a video that can be shared on a website, social media and other web platforms helps level the playing field. It gives SME’s a chance to compete with corporate giants and create effective brand awareness. Here are a few ways to use video marketing to increase sales:

Create something intriguing

Right from the planning phase, your goal should be to get a viewer to watch the video for at least 8 seconds. When it comes to online content, you need to capture the audience’s attention right from the get-go because it’s just too easy to click away. Make sure you have a carefully thought-out plan that speaks to the needs of your target market.

Help the viewer with a problem

‘How To’ videos and video tutorials are a great way to create brand awareness without hard-selling (people don’t like being sold to, so make sure you’re creating a video that offers value).

Share, share, share

Uploading your video to your YouTube channel isn’t enough. Embed the video in your blog posts, share the links on all your social media channels and – most importantly – ask people to share the video. Whether it’s your social media followers or newsletter subscribers, ask them to share the video to their networks if they found it helpful.

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