Six Step Video Marketing Strategy

With video content becoming a significant ranking factor for search engine optimization, a large number of companies in Johannesburg are now using video content as their preferred online marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and to engage and interact with their customers.

To address these needs, our video content creation is complemented with a video marketing strategy (6 Step Sales Funnel ) applied to selected social media networks.

This video marketing strategy is based on the philosophy of taking small steps in a consistent stride to achieve great results in your online marketing.  Each step is purposefully designed to slowly attract and move customers through a comfortable path in order to reach a conclusive sale.


Step One is about creating awareness, to hook people who are interested in and actively searching for your content. These are generally videos that are helping people find relevant solutions to problems that happen to be aligned with your product and service.

After viewing this video curiosity sets in the mind of the viewer and they will want to know more about who you are, so this brings us on to step two.


This step is designed to establish a powerful personal connection with your customer. This video is all about you, your story; this is a critically important piece because people buy from people!

Now that you’ve established a personal connection with the viewer, comes Step Three which is all about substantiating your professional credibility in your customer’s mind. It builds trust and begins to confirm your business relevance.


At this point in the process, the customer growingly understands that he or she can trust you and what you and your company do.

Having gained enough momentum and interest in your customer’s mind now is the time to introduce your products and services in step four.


Step 4 creates an opportune moment to effectively use video to confidently show what you do and how you do it. It’s about how you magically add consistent value to people who require your professional expertise
or company’s products and solutions.

By now you should have been able to convince most customers and closed a sale but there may be those who wonder if you will be able to deliver on your promise.


And this brings Step Five, the testimonial video, where your current satisfied customers that are most willing to share how your product and services worked for them and what benefits they have enjoyed. This moves the viewer from being a curious and interested party to a most valued client.

It is important to note that the most valuable customer is the one you have just signed on or already have, so you have to continually and consistently offer great value into the life and businesses of your existing clients.


And so we reach Step Six, the ongoing consistent process through which you communicate valuable ‘need to know’ information about new developments, products, services and maintenance programs. This will keep your company relevant and top of mind, ensuring ongoing clients’ for your business.


This, in a nutshell, describes my simple and effective Six Step Video Marketing Strategy and how I create industry experts one video at a time. Contact me right away to consult with you in developing this amazing online video plan that automatically generates new clients, converts and develops inspiring fans for continuing business success.

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