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At ASTRAL STUDIOS, we’re often approached by businesses and other organisations seeking to make a documentary that is high quality, professional and accessible. Our documentaries are available in several formats for different viewing purposes, including a format for online documentaries.

Some of our latest documentaries include:

Who’s African. The question of what defines us as Africans, and who call themselves an African is explored through three girls, one white, one black and one coloured. Does the current point of departure leading to marriage, career and life after school shape their friendship into future, and will they remain as close as they were?

To Serve and Protect. Through the families of policemen who have lost their loved ones in the line of duty, we reveal the terrible crime situation in South Africa and the lives of those policemen and women on the front line.

African Music. We investigate the roots of South African music back to the days when each native tribe has its own music style and rhythm. We speak to musical researchers, and track down those places where this music can still be heard in its original form.

Our Two Dads. This documentary looks at what it’s like for a gay couple to adopt children in South Africa, and what it means for a white couple to adopt black children. We were able to track down the original family of the two adopted girls, and were able to get their perspective.

Our experience in documentary production has placed us as a leader in the South African industry, allowing us to offer our clients the widest range of services for their project. SPEAK TO OUR DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION TEAM TODAY for more information on producing new documentaries, video projects and educational videos.

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