Why Corporate Video Productions Are A Thing Of The Past

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Traditional corporate video productions have lost the popularity that they used to have. These videos conjure up images of men in suits rattling off company statistics and achievements, but those dry corporate videos don’t impress anyone anymore.

Today, videos are created for a specific purpose. They’re no longer nice-to-have elements at a corporate event or sales pitch, but rather must-haves that help big and small businesses make money. If a video doesn’t have a direct impact on your bottom line, then it is redundant and you should be spending your marketing money elsewhere.

What type of videos should you be creating?

Whether you’re creating a brand awareness video, an education video or a customer retention video, you should always focus on creating a video that builds trust with your customers, validates you in your industry and introduces your team as the go-to people in the business.

You need to show people that you are passionate about what you do. Even if you’re investing in the flashiest video or the most integrated marketing and communications strategy, always remember that people still buy from people. Connecting with your audience should always be your primary goal with video marketing.

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