How Freelance Corporate Trainers Can Market Their Training Videos

(Last Updated On: Feb 22, 2021)

Unless your work as a freelance corporate trainer is made public, the chances are slim that anyone will know about the brilliance and value of the training videos you create. Without the proper marketing, the world will not know about the great work you do. Today, training video production is thriving more than ever before and it is hardly surprising that trainers are starting to realise the value of engaging brand videos in order to stay competitive and on top of their game. Vlogs, event videos,video presentations, as well as video interviews are four video styles currently pushing the envelope in content marketing.

Nowadays high quality video marketing content has exploded exponentially and provides you with a crucial opportunity not only to make a strong first impression, but to also set the stage of success for your brand. It allows you to target your audience and grab the viewer’s attention without letting them drift away like mediums which require you to read rather than just watch.

Here are three tips for your marketing strategy through video:

Use storytelling: Evoking emotions and feelings in consumers will make them associate your product and service with that feeling and video marketing is one of the best ways to accomplish this. People want to feel that whatever they are being shown will be of benefit to them.

Generate leads and attract buyers: It is very important to produce a video which is compelling and entertaining and which is likely to be shared by the people who watch it. Your training profile and marketing videos should be kept short, with a series of them which will target all markets and audiences you are trying to attract. Online videos on your website will let your products and services speak for themselves and are an excellent marketing tool, because viewers will get a firsthand perspective of what you provide.

Going beyond your brand: Consumers who watch your online marketing and training video’s want something of value. The consumer market today feeds off of excitement and entertainment and in order to survive you will need to be unique and stand out. Mentors should provide a series of videos that will include their branding, but also present their consumers with something they are interested in.

If you are looking for  video production agency or a new way to promote your services and ideas and if you want to make yourself memorable by standing out from the pack, then contact Astral Studios today.


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