Personal Branding: How To Build Your Personal Brand With Video

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

No one can argue with the fact that video is the future of personal branding. Gone are the days of the trusted PowerPoint presentation as public speakers move into an exciting and exhilarating new technological era, opening the door to big, game-changing innovations which completely disrupt the old fashioned way presentations are given.

These new technological methods of engagement have completely changed the way speakers are presenting, engaging and teaching their audiences. It has also changed the way in which speakers are marketing themselves and creating online content in which they introduce them to their public and potential customers. Astral Studios strive to help speakers become skilled at creating and promoting their professionally created personal branding videos in order to get noticed and stay out front.

Here are a few Astral Studio-friendly tips on how to increase your marketing success rate with personal branding videos:

The focus should be on quality: Mediocre videos will detract from building your brand. It is better to have a small number of high-quality videos which will increase your success rate when you are marketing yourself, since this will help increase your video’s popularity and reflect you in a positive light.

Embed your videos:  When you embed your videos into your website, blog or other places such as your Linkedin profile, you can control the content, which means you still have control over what is seen.

Never forget promotion: Never stop promoting your brand video to your community and acquaintances in order to get views. High quality, compelling videos will help boost your popularity in an instant.

It’s important to use the right keywords: Astral Studios knows the importance of using the correct video descriptions and tags. These are the words people use to find you and can mean the difference between a user clicking on your video link or the next persons. We always make sure the video descriptions and tags are replete with the keywords you want to be found with.

Contact Astral Studios for all your presentation, webinar or boot camp content needs because we understand the importance of sparking the intrigue and getting the full attention of your audience.


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