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Showreels and Marketing – Video testimonials show clients what you’re made of

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Videos can be a great promotional tool on your blog or website. There are myriad of ways in which it can be used to showcase the credentials of an effective, creative PR business, or to create a likeable personality for the company:

  1. Upload a show reel of recent, impressive campaigns.
  2. Conduct short interviews to introduce key personnel.
  3. Create a video tour of your company office.
  4. Post video testimonials from existing clients.
  5. Create “how to…” videos that demonstrate your expertise.

Forward thinking video testimonial ideas

Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and older marketing methods such as PowerPoint presentations aren’t as ‘high impact’ as they used to be. As a business owner, you need to take a forward-thinking approach and find new ways to present to potential clients.

Video will create the necessary ‘wow factor.’ Use talking-head interviews, montages of news coverage, ‘mood reels’ and client testimonials. Instead of tables to present data, motion graphics bring facts and figures to life.

The great thing about video testimonials is that other people are doing the heavy lifting and hard work for you, selling you and your products and services through sharing how what you do worked for them and, what the benefit of this was. This moves the viewer from being a curious and interested party, to a most valued client. Game over, all thanks to video.

Your best clients are the people who are already on your client list. You have to keep adding love and value into the life and business of your existing client, else they soon move from most valued, to most forgotten and then on to someone else.

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