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How Video Advertising For Your Brand Closes The Generation Gap

(Last Updated On: Jan 22, 2021)

Video advertising and video marketing can get your message across to the younger generation.

In a single frame, video can deliver the same amount of information as three pages of text. This is something that millennials know all too well. It’s why they’re consuming more video content than ever before.

With a generation that is used to being constantly connected to friends (and able to get any information they need in an instant), it’s no wonder that video is becoming the most popular type of content consumed on the Internet. By 2015, according to, 76% of the world’s online audience will be viewing video on a regular basis. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of these people are younger and have the purchasing power that your brand needs to sell more.

While video is unlikely to erase the written word entirely, it is a complementary, more vigorous and direct means of communicating with your target audience. The inherent strength of the visual medium and the ever-vanishing technological barriers to its creation, has powerful implications for businesses around the globe. Business owners like yourself need to take advantage of what video offers them – a direct means of communicating with millennials and Gen Y-ers.

The younger market is renowned for wanting instant gratification, which is why they prefer learning by watching videos. If you’re looking for ways to educate people about yourself, your products or your services, then it would be wise to invest in web video advertising and educational videos.

If you’re interested in video marketing, small business branding or web video advertising, contact Astral Studios for more information today.


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