How a Video Production Company Creates A Powerful Brand Message

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Your brand message is the key to describing your value proposition in a way that creates an emotional connection with your customer.

There is no substitute for the services of an experienced video production company when seeking to convey a powerful brand message to promote a product or service, especially if a national television channel is to serve as the distribution platform.

Today’s audiences may not all be devoted technophiles but they are certainly familiar with and captivated by the seemingly unlimited array of spectacular visual effects that are now possible with the aid of modern technology. As a result they are more discerning than in the early days of TV advertising and more responsive to those productions that most effectively leverage these new and advanced graphical techniques.

Among the most impressive of these are undoubtedly the amazing three-dimensional animations that have allowed us to observe actions and events that would normally have been hidden from human view. Through the skills of a professional animator today’s television audiences are able to witness, in explicit detail, simulations of the passage of lubricant molecules through the engine components of a vehicle, the absorption of pharmaceutical products across cell membranes or the steps involved in the propagation of a holographic image by a laser array.

Given sufficient insight into the mechanism of any process, these specialists are gifted with the ability to transform even the most abstract concept into a readily-understandable and attention-grabbing visual with a degree of clarity that dialogue alone could never hope to match.  Home to just such a team of talented specialists is a long-standing producer of videos for commercial advertising, education, entertainment and a wide range of similar purposes – Astral Studios.

Founded in 1991, our 27-year history has been marked by one conspicuous success after another and, not too surprisingly, this has enabled the studio to build a client portfolio that is replete with many of the nation’s most prestigious names. The star-studded list features leading financial services providers such as ABSA, First National Bank, Standard Chartered and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange; pharmaceutical giants Adcock Ingram, Bayer and Searle as well as numerous government departments including SARS to name just a few.

While some may have called upon our studio’s production team for purposes other than advertising, such as training or transformation, each one serves as a sound testimony to the exceptional quality of our services. The job of an animator includes far more than the mastery of a set of software tools and calls for a degree of creativity that extends well beyond the norm. Our team at Astral Studios is renowned for the kind of out-of-the box thinking that has positioned us as an industry leader and the first choice for many of South Africa’s corporate giants.

This however, in no way precludes the smaller business from enjoying the services of our accomplished video production company. The studio offers some very affordable packages that could prove invaluable to a small medium or micro-enterprise that may be seeking to expand its horizons on a limited budget.

Instead of flighting the production on national television, there are viable alternatives. For example, the advertising material may be deployed via less costly and more targeted channels such as the network of plasma screens that operate regionally in banks, gyms and supermarkets, and with which Astral Studios is able to assist our clients with placements.

Even more economical could be to transfer the finished production to an alternative medium such as a memory stick or flash drive that then allows it to be distributed to interested individuals attending a trade fair or similar promotional event. The inclusion of some simple programming and hyperlinks could even allow prospects to make direct purchases via a client’s online shopping trolley.

Adverts are all about getting your brand message across succinctly and with sufficient impact to evoke the desired response, so animated visual content is invaluable. Thus, the exceptional creativity of the Astral Studio team makes us the logical choice as your video production company.


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