Video Marketing Services: Video Enables Marketing and Helps with PR

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Video marketing services have become an essential element in the overall marketing plan for any business.

Video marketing and PR go hand-in-hand and they are both very important to the overall perception of your brand. Creating company videos should now be a standard part of your business’s marketing plan and these videos include explainer videos, call to action videos, videos showcasing new products, teaser videos and services and more. Here are several reasons why video marketing has become so successful over the past few years:

  • Google owns YouTube, so Google indexes all video content hosted on YouTube and videos hosted on YouTube can boost your SEO ranking. Don’t forget to embed the videos onto your actual website, too. SEO is an integral part of marketing and video content can be very beneficial.
  • Video content is now the most commonly shared content on social media, beating text and images. People are more likely to share a video with friends and followers than any other type of content, so take advantage of the millions of social media users and reach your audiences via video.
  • Videos engage more senses than other types of content. Viewers instantly relate to tone of voice, facial expressions, emotions and movement whilst watching a video and this makes videos much more engaging than other types of marketing.
  • On average, people remember 70% of what they see and hear
  • This means you have a better chance of making a lasting impression using video. How people perceive your brand and the relationship they form with your brand is the essence of PR, so give people a reason to feel positively about your company.

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