3d animated video for brand awareness

Create a 3D Animated Video to Increase Brand Awareness

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Grow your company’s brand awareness with 3D animated videos

Astral Studios provides 3D animated video services to companies for the following:

– Educational videos
– Television series
– Web video production
– Commercials
– Corporate Communication Videos

The 3D animated video is the ideal tool to increase brand awareness in a cost-effective and visually stimulating manner. We use our more than 21 years of television and video production experience to ensure well-polished, interactive, and highly attractive 3D animation and visual effects and use computer-generated 3D animation programs that save clients money as reshoots become something of the past.

Examples of our 3D animated video projects are:

Sci-mone’s Lab – educational television series that focuses on a range of fun and exciting science experiments. We’ve created a talking light bulb to steer the young viewers through the range of experiments. The series has been developed for the SABC.

JoJo – in this animated video series, the main character is a teenage heroine that fights the forces of evil from Pandora which threaten to destroy the endangered species here on Earth.

Mouse in the House – the animated main character is a mouse that creatively engages kids through a range of science experiments.

Our animation services include for instance:

– 2D explainer animations
– 3D modelling
– Character animations
– Full television and educational series development

Animation has unique characteristics allowing for the development of advertisements, online communication and series in a way not possible by normal filming. Some of the reasons why your company should consider the use of 3D animated video as a communication and marketing medium are briefly discussed below.

Immediately get to the point

3D animation makes it possible to visually summarise a rather intricate idea or concept. If you thus want to explain a complex issue in a way that can be understood within only a minute or two, a 3D animated video will do the trick.

Loads of information can be explained in only a short period. This is essential for online and television advertising since you need to grab the attention of viewers immediately and must be able to communicate the message in such a way that it will be remembered. If you want a viewer to understand the message and act upon it then a well-executed animated video is the answer.

Motion to explain timeline

It’s difficult to explain a process that is completed over a long time if you do so in print or even normal video within limited time and space. With our animation technology, we can help you explain a process that is time based effectively in a short period. For example, how parts of a water pumping system work. With the static nature of print media this is simple not possible. Video, which is excellent for a longer presentation, is also limited since the entire process must be shown to illustrate the working of the components. With animation, we can easily show the working of the components and the cycle in a shorter period.

Attention grabber

As explained earlier, you have limited time to grab the attention of the viewer. With animation you can immediately grab attention through the use of an unusual character, the sequence or special effect. With animation it is possible to grab attention, spark interest, inspire desire, and encourage action.

Visual images not possible with another medium

It’s not always possible to photograph or film something. Take for instance, processes inside the human brain. With animation the processes can be visualised without having to actually film the processes. Abstract concepts can also be visualised, not easily done when filming, photographing or writing about such.

Give a projection

You cannot film or photograph something that hasn’t been done yet or doesn’t exist yet, but with computer generated animation, it is possible to generate a visual presentation of something such as the future or Dark Matter. If you for instance, want to show how energy fields look like or want to take the viewer into outer space, it is perfectly possible through the use of advanced 3D animation software.

Develop company image as stylish

When your company uses professionally made animated video at your website, exhibition stall, company entrance hall, on billboards and in television ads, you also show that you make use of the latest technologies. A product that would otherwise be described as ordinary can easily be perceived as futuristic or technologically advanced simply by adding special effects.

Contact us at Astral Studios to discuss your particular 3D animation requirements.


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