How Can 3D Animated Videos Help Your Marketing And Sales?

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Are you still using only conventional methods for marketing? Are the costs of advertising, promotions and marketing eating into your profits? With new technology now widely available and a team of 3D animation specialists here to help manage the production of 3D animated videos, you can save money, time and resources associated with advertising.

Tips for Applications

With 3D animated videos it’s possible to convey otherwise difficult concepts within a few seconds to minutes. Consider for instance, an educational video about the inside of a human being. Although a camera can be used to show parts of the intestines, it’s difficult to show the inside of a cell. With 3D animated videos you can show areas not visually possible with normal camera footage.

Indeed, you can even show future events or past events that have not been filmed. We use advanced processes to render the animated images as real as it gets. Consider how advanced modern computer game graphics are. The same advanced imaging is possible for educational, informative, and even advertising based web videos.

If you for instance, want to create a video with thousands of spectators watching a sports game, you can do so with 3D animation. Instead of hiring thousands of extras to cheer at a sports game, you can save money. Simply let us handle the project and through our expertise you will have a crowd that looks so real that the viewer will not notice the difference.

Modern films make extensive use of 3D animation and with good reason. It saves time and money. Expensive and dangerous stunts can now be animated. In this way the scene can be controlled and the risk of people failing in the stunt or getting hurt is eliminated.

Secret to Successful Videos

With all the possibilities mentioned you may already be inspired. But the secret to a successful 3D animated video is to have a team of experts handling from the storyboard right through to the final touches. We can handle the voice-overs, create a background scene that’s appropriate, as well as add special effects and music. In this way your marketing message will get new life and you can create professional web videos to promote, share, inform about a product or build your brand.

Use the Internet

The Internet spans across national borders and even so, you can target a specific geographical area. Most companies now have websites and social media pages, but not all have experienced the benefits of using 3D animation for online video production. The more conventional video production methods are often expensive and you cannot convey a rather abstract concept in the way possible with 3D animated videos on the web.

Website Interactivity

You don’t need a real person to be the talking head in your website videos. You can use 3D animated videos which will be more interesting and will be well-remembered by the viewers. A normal talking head is interesting to a point, but people are visually driven today and if you want to keep their attention, you need a way to convey messages in interactive ways. Research has shown that websites that have videos get more website traffic and more return visits. This of course, is only the case if the videos are relevant, professionally designed with solid and interesting story boards.


Take a rather dull concept and turn it into a visual story that grabs the attention of the viewer within the first five seconds and you will have a winning web video. Since YouTube is not only suitable for the uploading and sharing of videos, but can also be used in an advertising sense, you will want to ensure that your marketing message grabs attention before the viewer hits the Skip this Ad button. With such you can as a result create 3D animated videos that can be embedded on your site, uploaded to Facebook for ultimate sharing, and not only upload corporate videos onto YouTube, but also advertisements.

What can Astral Studios offer your company?

We supply the equipment, manage the complete project and ensure that you get a professional end-product that will grab the attention of viewers. Make the most of marketing opportunities with cost-effective 3D animation. Call us to discuss your web video requirements.


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