Web video production

Web Video Production: Is your audience looking for you on YouTube?

Why is web video production more important than ever?

According to Cisco, global video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021.

Face it, as much as we like the written word, videos are more powerful than words simply because people think visually.

Video content is much easier to consume than written documents or even sound. If you’ve got a message you want to communicate, then you should invest in web video production.

Few people realise that YouTube is the second largest search engine. That’s correct, after Google, more people are using YouTube to find information they need than any other search engine. Why? Because they’re looking for information that they can consume in a format that they prefer. If you are producing videos, then it’s worth your while to upload them to YouTube (and include a keyword rich description) so that your video can be found when relevant search phrases are typed into the search bar at the top of the screen.

Make your videos complement your other marketing material

Video is unlikely to entirely erase the written word just as it didn’t entirely replace radio. What video is, is a complementary, more vigorous and direct means of communicating with people. The inherent strength of the visual medium and the ever-vanishing technological barriers to its creation, has powerful implications for businesses around the globe and business owners need to take advantage of what video offers them.

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