Choosing the Best Video Production Studio is a No-Brainer

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Since ancient mathematicians traced their diagrams in the sand and later progressed to the use of chalk on blackboards, the power of visuals has been widely exploited. However, with the advent of the modern video production studio, that power has been expanded exponentially.

The development of digitized images has meant that visual presentations are no longer confined to the classroom or the boardroom but, if desired, can be transmitted globally and shared by anyone with a TV set, tablet PC or smart phone. However, this technology has also produced more critical and discerning audiences that are no longer enthralled by an amateur PowerPoint presentation but that, instead, favour the more immersive qualities of a professionally compiled audio-visual experience.

There are, of course, many reasons why a company or other organisation may choose to make use of this medium. For instance, it is able to provide the means with which to conduct a flawless and compelling sales presentation leaving the live presenter with little more to do than to answer questions from interested clients.

As a motivational tool or a means of introducing new concepts into a corporate environment, it can considerably boost the effectiveness of even the most accomplished speaker. When promoting a product, the impact of a well-constructed television commercial is undeniable and can generate new sales equivalent to many times the costs involved in its creation and flighting.

For these and many other applications, the possible benefits are numerous, but only with the support of a totally professional video production team are they likely to be fully realised. One such team has been operating in Johannesburg for more than two decades now and providing its services to some of the country’s most prestigious businesses.

Astral Studios was established in 1991 and has since earned itself a place at the forefront of the industry. Our success has been the result of continued drive to further expand our expertise and to leverage the latest technologies to the limits of their potential.

The studio’s services extend well beyond providing the mere mechanical requirements for making a movie. Each creative begins with an in-depth study of the client business, including its culture, its values and its marketing objectives. Only once these aspects are thoroughly understood does our creative team start to assemble their ideas into a draft storyboard.

Each facet of the project from concept, through editing and to the final cut is handled with meticulous attention to detail. Each graphic, 3D animation and live enactment, together with the script and other textual content is carefully compiled so as to generate and maximise the desired impact.

The entire process is carried out under the experienced and watchful eye of our studio’s creative director with the support of an equally accomplished producer dedicated to the specific video production.

In addition to the commercials and documentaries that we create for television transmission, Astral Studios is also positioned to offer audio-visual products in a variety of alternative formats that are suitable for more targeted deployment. DVDs and high definition Blu-ray discs or Flash movies and other popular formats may be used by individuals, shared across a company’s local or wide area network or posted to public platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

A product in one of these formats, however, has the potential to offer rather more than just valuable information in an absorbing and stimulating manner and, where required, it can easily be designed to interface directly with a client’s website or an online shopping trolley. In this way, an enthusiastic prospect can be converted to a satisfied client on the spot with just a click or two of a mouse.

Whether you are after some compelling TV advertising, an effective teaching or training movie or simply wish to boost your corporate image, Astral Studios is the professional video production studio of choice.


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