Educational Videos for Business: Do These Really Work?

It’s easier than ever to create educational videos for business – but do they actually serve a purpose?

Long before the days of educational videos, Google and YouTube, people didn’t have a way of empowering themselves and learning about whatever topic they desired to master. In ancient times, people went to the Oracle to find out what the outcomes of an event were going to be.

Educational videos are a very powerful way to engage with your target audience. If you want to build trust with your customers (which should always be one of your primary goals with video marketing and any type of marketing strategy for that matter), then investing in educational content is a high-impact way to achieve this.

People don’t use the Internet thinking “what can I buy today?” They use the Internet to learn, read reviews and gain knowledge. If you can portray yourself as a thought leader in your industry by sharing your industry expertise and teaching people something of value, this will go a long way to validate yourself in your business market.

In the past, big corporates were already winning at this game because they had a large distribution level. The playing field, however, has now been levelled and has given the small business owner the same playing field to play on as the corporate does. Instead of paying exorbitant advertising fees, YouTube can be your television network and you can leverage social media to distribute your educational videos.

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