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(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

A few years ago, the very idea of a web video company did not exist, but now it is an essential part of the marketing and awareness campaigns of any brand. Any marketing strategist worth his salt will know the power of video marketing. YouTube has become the second largest search engine and there are dozens of other sites (including Facebook, Vimeo and DailyMotion) where videos can go viral within hours.

The list of opportunities in the field of animated and filmed web content for marketing or credential purposes is still largely underused by South African companies. While some corporates are put off by the idea of video marketing (they might think it’s more expensive than it actually is), the forerunners in each industry are all embracing this dynamic marketing tool.

Basic marketing is no longer enough

The key to making an impact in a market that is visually saturated is to package your message in a way that grabs the attention of your target market. One of the most powerful tools that modern marketers have is – of course – video. Here, sight, sound and motion combine to grab the attention of the viewer, to keep them engaged and most importantly, to deliver your chosen message in a memorable way.

While viral advertising has a certain appeal, there are many other avenues that your brand can benefit from through the addition of video. Enrich your presentations, jazz up your website, push a product or deliver a training class – the only limit you face is your imagination. As our featured work suggests, what our team does is create functional art, customised to your specifications.

A message and alluring static imagery will not help you to compete. In fact, reliance on archaic strategies could spell disaster for your business. Astral Studios is a web video company which offers top class facilities in a bustling area of Johannesburg, as well as a combination of strategy and creativity that few can match.

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