How Explainer Videos Help To Build Vital Online Credibility

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Online credibility is becoming increasingly important, as customers become more aware of the pitfalls of believing everything they see online.

Explainer videos are a visual means of passing on your company’s message. This may pertain to the latest specials, exciting new services or simply the overall ethos of your business. Whatever the message, illustrating it visually through a video is a clear, concise way of relaying the information. This approach is also slick, interesting and professional- qualities that will then be attributed to your brand. This is part of the genius behind the web video advertising strategy, which is especially important for small business branding.

In a competitive market, online credibility is crucial to achieving success. With credibility comes trust and, ultimately, loyalty. Every company wants to have customers who are loyal to their brand, as this is proof of a job done well. In today’s day and age, word of mouth is simply not enough.

The new digital age of online advertising has caused an inundation of companies looking to broadcast their brand. Online marketing strategies reach a huge audience through the simple click of a button, so how then do you gain legitimacy amidst the overwhelming myriad of digital competitors? Here’s how:

Astral Studios has over two decades of experience in marketing and video media, making us the industry leader that can help you harness your brand’s potential. We are based in Johannesburg and specialise in quality productions including 3D animation and motion graphics.

These videos are highly creative and engage 30-40% more visitors on your website. They lift your brand image to a whole new level and, as they are visually stimulating and easy to follow, they assist in creating a truly powerful brand awareness that enhances your credibility.

If you are committed to your company and to elevating your corporate image, contact us now.


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