Hiring an Experienced Video Producer for Your TV Commercials

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Expertise invariably determines the path between the formation of a concept and its successful realisation. Thus, for instance, a TV commercial can only ever be as effective as the combined skills and the insight of its video producer and creative team will allow.

The journey between these two points is marked by many steps and only when each is completed with meticulous care can the hoped-for destination be attained. When tasked with the creation of an audio-visual presentation for entertainment, commercial or other specific purposes, the very first step must be to confirm that destination.

Astral Studios is a one-stop production house with offices in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Lonehill. For more than 20 years, we have been creating high quality productions for use in TV commercials, advertorial, corporate training and events and, indeed, in any application in which high quality visual material is an essential requirement.

When we take on any new project, the first step we take is always to determine the precise goals and to become familiar with all of the aspects of the new client’s business, including its values and its aspirations that may later prove relevant to the project.

These in-depth observations ensure that the goals of the production are fully aligned with those of the client and will serve to form the framework upon which our team’s creative contributions will eventually take shape. It is in this vital area of creativity that Astral Studios has long been an industry leader.

Always at the cutting edge, retaining the services of one of our video producers amounts to opening a treasure chest of visual possibilities. Clients can look forward to an impact-filled production in which 3D-modelling, explanatory graphics and animations are blended seamlessly with live action footage and insightful commentary to convey their message in a manner that is as entertaining as it is effective.

The process, of course, does not proceed in isolation. Throughout a project, the video producer will remain in constant liaison with the client so as to ensure that the visual interpretations are both accurate and in line with those aspects of the corporate image and culture as well as the features and benefits of any products or services the client may wish to promote.

Our team is composed of consummate professionals who are not only good at what they do, but who revel in meeting the challenges set out by our clients. The insatiable enthusiasm of our team and their insistence on perfection provide the guarantee of a product that is unique and of the highest possible quality.

As stated earlier, Astral Studios is a one-stop shop. It is equipped to provide all of the pre- and post-production requirements and, if called upon to do so, is even positioned to undertake the responsibility for casting and scriptwriting. The studio facilities include multiple cameras, blue/green screen options, advanced sound mixing and editing equipment as well as the means to provide the final cut in a variety of popular digital formats.

These include DVD and high definition Blu-Ray discs with the option of 5.1 surround sound that are ideal for sharing across virtual private networks or individual viewing on demand and thus useful for distribution at all manner of events. For inexpensive distribution to a wider audience, there is also the option of suitably encoded files for upload to public platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Finally, where a production is intended for national viewing, we are able to assist clients with placements on the various TV channels while, if a more targeted audience is preferred, we can also provide access to the networks serving plasma screens in locations such as medical centres, banks and health & fitness centres.

With a client portfolio that includes ABSA, SAB and the JSE, you will be in excellent company when choosing an exceptional video producer from Astral Studios.


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