Instructional Videos: How To Educate Your Clients And Customers

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Instructional videos can help prospective clients and customers make a decision to buy your product or service.

Gone are the days when any company could simply have a one-sided conversation about their products and the masses would believe every PR pitch thrown their way. Today, buyers consult up to 10 sources before making a purchase. When these purchases are high value products, the number jumps to 18 before the buyer will make a purchase, according to Google’s ZMOT Research.

Today, we’re operating in a buyer’s market where people can easily hop online to find unbiased opinions and educational information about any restaurant, service provider, leisure activity or product they’re interested in spending money on. They’re out looking for real, valuable information that will help them make a decision. Instructional videos are a tool you can use to sway these people.

What type of instructional videos should I make?

There are many types of instructional videos that can be created as part of your communication strategy. Besides the obvious How To videos or video tutorial on how to assemble or use your product, you could also create instructional videos that help people learn about your industry, what’s available on the market and what to consider before making a purchasing decision.

One of the great things about instructional videos is that you can portray yourself as an industry expert without looking like a sales person, just trying to win over the next client. According to a recent DemandGen report, 77% of B2B buyers said they didn’t talk with a salesperson until after they had performed independent research, which is why it’s crucial to be a part of the educational sales funnel before you can zone in on selling your product or service.

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