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(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Have you ever searched the Internet using “how to” in your search terms? Most of us have and one of the best ways to get excellent exposure for your website is to create educational videos using “how to” in the title. Corporate video doesn’t have to be a sales pitch, but can address for instance “how to use graphs in presentations” or “how to improve your golf drive”.

Whatever industry you’re in, you can add exceptional value to your website by embedding educational videos. The videos can also be uploaded to YouTube in your company’s specific channel. Add a description of the video and link back to your site. You can even add a link in the video to your website. In this way, your corporate video becomes an informative piece and traffic generator.

Research has shown that consumers appreciate “how to” instruction. If the video is well-done and provides the answers needed, the consumer is also more inclined to make use of your company’s services or buy your products.

With corporate animated educational videos it’s possible to show how your products work without having to set up the products.  Effective planning, design and production of the video are, however, essential. With our professional help you can create an upmarket feel, which can also ensure higher prices for your products and thus more profit. 3D animation is helpful in adding flair and a dynamic feeling to any product or service.

Our team of professional animators can turn topics such as accounting or taxes into something exciting. With well-planned and creative storyboards you can show your clients how your company can be of value to them. Effective 3D animation can be used to dramatise otherwise boring data and help to create footage that can never be done through live filming.

The applications are endless and can range from problem solving videos to animations that illustrate the internal components of a product such as a vehicle engine.

Some other corporate videos that can be made include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual tour of a concept design for a house, hotel, holiday resort or any type of architectural project.
  • Animated illustration of how a complex process works.
  • Showcase a project that has not been started yet.
  • Illustrate a range of operations in an assembly line or how something as complex as osmosis works.
  • Showcase the various stages in a development.
  • Show microscopic detail of a plant or product.

3D animation gives you the power to illustrate all the above in an interactive manner. Such corporate videos with the focus on “how to” will not only grab attention, but help your company to build credibility as an expert on a specific topic. People want to buy from or make use of the services of a company that has shown in-depth knowledge on a relevant topic.

Social Media
With “how to” corporate videos you also have the benefit of people wanting to share information they’ve found on social media networks and if the videos are interesting and of value, people will be the ones to do the marketing for you. They will hit the social media share buttons and click on the “Like” buttons. This will give your company videos more exposure and it will lead to valuable incoming links to your website. With Google now also considering the buzz created by a site for ranking you’ll need to create a social media buzz. Nothing does it quite like an effective “how to” video.

Save Money, Resources, and Time
Unfortunately conventional video productions have their limitations. You cannot film something that hasn’t happened yet and you cannot give the client an idea of how a completed project will look like if it isn’t completed. With 3D animated productions you will overcome the obstacles and will save money at the same time. Conventional video productions involve a lot of costs, whereas 3D animation doesn’t have to be shot at a specific location. Instead of an entire cast of characters to pay, you’ll have animated characters.

No doubt, projects can be completed in a shorter time frame, which will also mean that you’ll be able to regularly add more corporate or “how to” videos to your website, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms. With regular updates also important to ensure constant and relevant website traffic, you shouldn’t wait. Take hold of the opportunity to demonstrate products, inform about processes and give advice on “how to” through 3D animated educational videos. Call us today to discuss your particular project requirements.


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