Motion Graphics Are Invaluable When Creating a Corporate Video

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

There has been a revolution in South African boardrooms and training departments in which professional motion graphics are now beginning to replace the chalk and chat, overhead projection transparencies and even the once considerable appeal of a PowerPoint presentation. Such material is now seen to have a far greater impact upon audiences and its undeniable ‘wow’ factor is proven to result in much improved retention, and has made these fascinating and versatile graphic creations an ideal instrument for inclusion in any educational production.

Let’s say, for instance, that your company wishes to introduce its sales team, its clients or both to the workings of its latest widget. What could possibly be more effective in promoting an in-depth understanding of its operation than the insight offered by a three dimensional, cut-away view that is able to reveal the actions of its normally-concealed components in detailed, slow-motion and from a variety of aspects?

Regardless of how such visual material may ultimately be deployed, these motion graphics must first be created on a computer with the aid of various advanced software programs. Though considerably more complex than is the case with the procedures used to impart motion to flattened images, it is comparatively easy to develop a basic knowledge of the mechanics. Without the accompanying flair for creativity, however, such knowledge is of very limited value.

Combining technical skills and artistic flair, motion graphics as done by Astral Studios have a record of accomplishment that would be difficult to beat and for whom a long list of satisfied clients serves as the only proof necessary.  Astral Studios has been making commercials, instructional videos, corporate presentations, documentaries and television productions for entertainment and other purposes since we first began operating in 1991. Today, Astral Studios is widely acknowledged throughout South Africa as an industry leader and as representing a benchmark for quality.

Aside from the use of a video presentation to promote understanding of a product there are many other purposes for which a company may make use of such material. Following year-end, for instance, it could provide the perfect medium by which to present a rather more compelling summary of the year’s achievements to a board of directors or a shareholders meeting than a flip chart and some photocopied notes.

The use of professionally compiled static visuals has long been applied by schools, companies and other organisation for instructional purpose, but there can be no doubt that the greater effectiveness provided by the art of modern 3D animation and motion graphics which has led to a far more versatile tool.  One of the most common requirements by companies in South Africa during recent years has been to manage the implementation of BEE principles and the attendant need to assist their employees in understanding and making the necessary transformations. With the aid of powerful visual materials many companies have since managed the process of change far more effectively and in less time than they might otherwise have hoped.

Others have found that a professionally produced video can serve as the perfect motivational tool. In this capacity the use of motion graphics, especially the 3-dimensional variety offers the means to impart a serious message but to do so in an entertaining, perhaps even humorous and definitely far more memorable fashion.

In summary although it is unlikely that any image is actually able to convey a thousand words, it is well within the capacity of a well-crafted animation to say all that is needed with very little need for dialogue. In addition it could also provide a far more cost-effective solution than live action footage. Though more than able to provide the latter as well, Astral Studios simply has to be the first choice if you are in need of professional motion graphics.


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