Why You Need To Start Creating ‘How To’ Videos

(Last Updated On: Jan 8, 2019)

Whether you’re trying to find out how to install an app on your phone or want to learn Spanish, many people resort to ‘How To’ videos – which is essentially a great video marketing tool.

One of the reasons why ‘How To’ videos and tutorials work so well is the fact that you’re not fighting for a sale, you are essentially helping someone find a solution they are looking for. If you haven’t considered creating ‘How To’ videos as part of your marketing strategy, here’s why you should be considering it:

Educate people on how to use your product

You and your sales team might be extremely familiar with the products you sell, but many people who haven’t been in the industry as long as you might not know how to install, use or get full benefit from them. You can create a ‘How To’ video that teaches people how to use your product.

It’s easy to argue that a customer can pick up the phone for a telephonic explanation or in-person demonstration, but most people would feel more comfortable researching a new product online, from the comfort of their own homes. Make sure that you cover all your bases by creating a video tutorial for each aspect of your business.

Portray yourself as a thought leader

People go online to find information and entertainment, not to be sold to. If they’re searching for a tutorial on something they are interested in and come across your video, you are basically portraying yourself as the expert in the field. Some people are afraid they will be giving away ‘trade secrets’ in a ‘How To’ video, but more often than not, people would rather pay an expert to take care of a problem for them than learn every aspect of a new product or service. Use your video tutorial to show off your expertise.

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