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Why one corporate video does not make a marketing campaign

Investing in professional video production can take your marketing strategy to the next level, but too many business owners start off with a single video and think that the rest of the marketing campaign will simply fall into place (or that the one video will be able to give their brand and product marketing the exposure it needs to create its own momentum and drive sales forward indefinitely).

Experienced sales people and company owners are usually very good in their chosen field of expertise. In order to effectively communicate what you’re offering, you need to start off by speaking to your customer’s needs instead of speaking about your product. If you don’t get this right, you’ll lose them immediately.

Being close to your business or product puts you at a disadvantage here. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, it is wise to get a professional, like me, to see your customers from a new perspective and position your business (by scripting your message) in such a way that it makes what you’re advertising or selling, relevant. By doing this, you will be able to win the headspace of your target audience and communicate the right messages to this audience.

By keeping the above mentioned in mind, it’s easy to see a one video strategy is weak and won’t serve you well for very long. Good marketing campaigns are complex and follow specific steps which take your potential client from being unaware of your product’s existence (or the fact that they are even experiencing a problem that could be solved by the product you have to offer) to becoming aware of you, trusting you and buying from you.

For a complete marketing strategy which includes video production and everything that goes along with it, contact Astral Studios today.


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