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Online Video Advertising Is Key To Effective Small Business Branding

(Last Updated On: Sep 3, 2019)

Online video advertising is an effective way to make your small business stand out in a competitive market. It is an innovative marketing strategy that can include advertisements, promotional videos and explainer videos to create awareness and market your brand to a vast online audience.

Astral Studios was established in 1991 and, with over two decades of experience in marketing and video media, we are an industry leader capable of catapulting your business forward to where it belongs. 80% of new businesses fail – and good marketing is key to not becoming another statistic.

Small business branding is a vital component in achieving a successful future for your business. Awareness and excitement surrounding a brand is what helps it to grow. Using our online marketing strategies and an online video for business is how you can enter the new age of video marketing, inspiring and intriguing viewers and potential customers or clients.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you with online video advertising for your business:

  • Our productions are affordable and high-impact. They can include 3D animation and motion graphics as well as green screen technology.
  • We offer chalkboard illustration videos that engage users.
  • Visual stories to explain a company concept
  • Clear, targeted messages which attract approximately 30-40% more users to your website
  • Eye-catching, high quality products that can be utilised at conferences, on your website, on YouTube/Vimeo and social media accounts.

So if you are committed to growing your company and to elevating your corporate image, contact us now and let us put your brand on the map.


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