4 Ways You Can Promote Your Small Company with Videos For Business

We live in a competitive era where approximately 80% of new businesses fail. Strong small business branding sets you above your competitors and web video advertising is the best way to ensure it. Videos for business are an affordable, innovative solution and will help you to become part of the new age of online marketing, reaping the rewards in the process.

Astral Studios was established in 1991 and, with over two decades of experience in marketing and video media, we are an industry leader capable of catapulting your business forward to success. We are based in Johannesburg and specialise in quality productions including 3D animation and motion graphics as well as explainer videos.

Here are 4 ways that videos for business help to promote your company

  1. The interface of advertising has changed and so have people’s attention spans and information sources. Everything needs to be instant, user-friendly and online. A web video ticks all of those boxes, this satisfying fans and potential clients.
  2. Video marketing enables you to reach a huge audience in minimal time at minimal cost. A virtual tour of your company can be taken upon the click of a button, something that would be far more time-consuming and costly in real life!
  3. Prompt, efficient and visual information is relayed, thereby engaging and communicating a clear message. This captures the essence of your business, which will help in driving traffic sales by approximately 30-40% and ultimately generating revenue.
  4. Images are personal. A web video creates a personal touch, helping the viewer to feel connected to your company. This connection assists in building trust and loyalty to your brand.

If you are committed to your company and to elevating your corporate image, contact us now.


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