eLearning is cost-effective technology to enable people to learn anywhere

We live in a fast spinning world where our personal time and even corporate time is very precious. So how do we effectively keep up with trends, technology, change and training in the attempt to better ourselves, our employees and ultimately our businesses?

eLearning is the key!

eLearning is the principle of making use of cost-effective technology to enable people to learn anywhere, at any time. While this includes simpler material (such as structured PDF documents), there is a growing demand for highly interactive content containing animations, audio and video.

eLearning covers a wide set of applications and processes, including computer based learning, web-based learning and mobile learning and has proven to be a potent and cost-effective method for delivering training.

When you are looking to incorporate new training programs, the advantages of e-learning far outweigh those of face-to-face classroom learning. An online training portal gives you the flexibility to conduct training inhouse or offsite, multiple locations and unfettered by time and travel constraints and expenses.

With eLearning, you can either facilitate measurable learning of new things or reinforce the existing learning with the aid of videos.

Studies have shown that interactive learning can result in an enhanced retention rate of between 30% and 90%. Why is this? Interactive e-learning presents a diversity of ways for the learner to learn, such as sound, text, video and animation and learners are more likely to remember training which is targeted to immediate needs and to retain information which is put to immediate use. While eLearning can satisfy a wide range of training requirements, companies are challenged to develop effective eLearning as it requires time, effort and skill, which typically are in short supply, especially when internal training resources are limited.

At Astral Studios we create fit-for-purpose solutions to align to your learning strategy, business need and target audience. We have the expertise and experience to facilitate e-learning for you, professionally and flawlessly. It is what we do. We have taken a lead in creating online portals for e-learning for educational institutions and corporate clients.

Put over a dozen years of our experience in custom eLearning development to work for you. Contact us to assist you with the evaluation of eLearning, and create an eLearning platform that is effective, efficient, and durable.


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