A Successful Small Business Explainer Video Has These 3 Elements

A business explainer video is a visual means of passing on your company’s message in a clear, concise way that builds your brand’s credibility and customer loyalty. This is part of the genius behind the web video advertising strategy, especially useful for small business branding.

The new digital age of online advertising is inundated with companies looking to broadcast their brand. Online marketing strategies reach a huge audience through the simple click of a button, so how can you set yourself apart from the plethora of competitors with which potential customers are bombarded?

A successful business explainer video has three important elements

  1. The message is more important than the pictures. While high quality animation or visual effects is pivotal in a professional video, it should not detract from the main function of the video: to relay information clearly and concisely. Motivating people by the message remains paramount.
  2. Correct use of the video. So many animation companies are filled with artists and not marketing experts. Astral Studios is comprised of both, making us an industry leader in effective online marketing. Your video needs to be put on the right forums, with the most appropriate thumbnails. Views and web traffic should be monitored too in order to achieve optimum results.
  3. A viral hit is not the priority. The priority is engagement and the development of credibility – and this can be attained without becoming an Internet sensation. A simple, engaging message that appeals to your target market is an ideal way of boosting credibility and generating interest around your business. This is the ultimate goal – the rest is up to you.

Astral Studios was established in 1991 and has the right experience, team and drive to make your marketing strategy a success. We are based in Johannesburg and specialise in quality productions that create powerful brand awareness.

If you are committed to your company and to elevating your corporate image, contact us now.


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