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How Video Content is Breaking the “How to” Barrier

(Last Updated On: Nov 25, 2020)

The inherent strength of the visual medium and the ever-vanishing technological barriers to the creation of video content has powerful implications for businesses around the globe. Business owners need to take advantage of what video offers them.

While consumers still prefer learning by reading, the number of individuals who use YouTube and videos to learn or find out more about a specific topic, product or service is rapidly ascending. Consequently, creating and posting videos has become a key strategy for any company, whether large or small, to build and consolidate an effective online presence.

When people want to learn something new, they inevitably turn to the internet. Gone are the days when you had to complete a course, hire a coach, or look for a mentor in order to educate and empower yourself. Anyone can find any content they need about a specific subject matter online.

As a business owner, you should use this to your advantage. If you are in the business of selling power tools, for example, you should be creating video content that helps your target audience. Show them how to choose between different drill bits, how to assemble their own tools, how to use their tools for simple DIY jobs and how to maintain their tools. These videos will showcase your expertise in a way that portrays you as a thought leader. Who do you think they’re going to turn to when it’s time to buy a product or service? You. Because you put in the effort of giving them content they want to consume.

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