Video Content Production: 5 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Miss Out

(Last Updated On: Feb 16, 2021)

I may not be a marketer by trade, but one thing I know for sure – video content production has changed the way many of our clients do business. Whether it’s training employees, presenting to clients or creating renowned, memorable commercials, video content has the ability to capture audiences in ways that other content formats cannot.

Consumers are changing – so should your strategy

As powerful as traditional above the line advertising has been, more and more businesses are starting to realise that the market has shifted. In the past, great service, word of mouth and a newspaper insert were all that you really needed to create a strong brand reputation. Nowadays, increasingly conscious consumers are targeted by a plethora of your competitors – so you need to stand out. This calls for creativity and capability, the kind that makes people stand up and take notice.

5 reasons why you need to use enriched web video content

Your competitors are doing it: More and more companies are enriching their content, websites and presentations through the addition of online video. This is putting them at the top of your consumer’s mind. You have to compete.

The Internet has no borders: Adding content that can reach a global market instantly means that you can contact a market that was previously out of reach. Do so correctly and awareness about your offering will skyrocket.

Traditional strategies are failing: Above the line marketing is proving to be less effective. Don’t allow your brand or idea to stay on a sinking ship when there is a popular, viable alternative available to you – right here in Johannesburg.

Consumers are struggling to pay attention: Media saturation has made it very difficult to stand out. What would you be more likely to remember – a funny, animated piece or a column of copy?

Differentiation means success: Standing out is the name of the game and the fact that you are considering this path means that you are already streaks ahead.

Don’t delay. Look at our showcase and contact us now to start setting your brand apart through dynamic online visuals and strategies.


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