Green Screen Studio for your Marketing Campaign

In this competitive world of online content creation, it is even more important than ever to make sure that YOUR video stands out among the sea of similar content and videos.

Our Green Screen Studio provides marketers and executives with a controlled environment for interviews, presenting on-screen and panel discussions.

A unique studio backdrop can be digitally created specific to theme and brand identity.

With our multi-camera setup, our director and crew will assist and coach the selected presenters to ensure a dynamic professional look, creating a world-class finished  product.

Today even businesses on a moderate budget can utilize a green screen studio background set up, to revolutionize their marketing campaign.

What exactly is a green screen?

Simply put, a green screen is a background screen in a bright shade of green; it’s a creative way of making your video content stand out from the crowd and removes tons of time and budget limitations of scouting and shooting on location.

Literally anything can be shot against a green screen – from a product launch to interviews, promos and especially training.

The green background can then be changed into any desired background – that can be shot specifically for your purpose, sourced from our vast video library or we can also digitally recreate the background for your scene. This gives the illusion that the individuals / product in the video are on a specific location, even when they’re actually in a warehouse or studio.

There are so many original and creative ways of utilizing this technique – it’s a fantastic way to do something a little different and produce something original. The only limit is your imagination!

The additional benefit because it’s a controlled environment and not live, for example an interview or presentation to camera can be shot repeatedly until the take is in the bag! And coaching is provided to make you, the presenter, look professional.

Using Green Screens for Branding

Our crescent-shaped studio allows us to create a virtual studio that conforms to your brand. By creating a 3D virtual studio and superimposing your company logo into the background, we provide a professional finish that gives your company more credibility and generates faith in your products and ultimately your brand. How? Because consumers will associate your product and your brand with a high-profile company that is dedicated to quality.

Using a green screen is the smart cost-effective choice for you because it brings the quality and production of video marketing to an entirely new level.

Astral Studios is a professional video production company based in Johannesburg. We are specialists in producing branded corporate, commercial, training and digital media content.

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