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Motion is a powerful way to liven up design solutions. If something starts to move, most people can’t help but watch it. With the use of professional 3D animations, we feed the imagination and bring a new level of intrigue and value to your marketing in a manner that will both attract and inform your customers.

3D animation helps company professionals to communicate and explain their business model processes as well as educate and promote products and services in an entertaining yet clear and professional manner. This applies to Product Promotion, Branding, Training and Concept Visualization.

Many Marketing and sales executives often find it difficult to communicate features and benefits of their particular product or service. This especially applies when needing to communicate complex ideas and models, such as technological systems, processes and theories.

3D Animation provides an exciting means to visually present and to demonstrate products in a 3-Dimensional space. This will represent your product and its interaction perceptually accurate as it can be in the real world.

Demonstrate and present products and processes, including areas in human health and anatomical cross sections.

Benefits of 3D animated video content:
When Live Filming is Prohibited or too costly.
• Accurate and clear instructional sequences for mechanical assembly, product demonstration and training
• Animation can give you creative freedom through Storytelling
• Creating a WOW factor
• Educating business, researchers and the marketplace
• Animated video is a fun and engaging medium and has the power to create a high impact on your target audience. We can help you communicate more clearly and concisely, capture the attention of your audience, keep them engaged, and make a lasting impression.

An animated infographic, 2D or 3D animation marketing video can tell a story about your business and products and services, and storytelling is about evoking emotion. If you can make your audiences feel and connect with you, they will be drawn to your desired call for action, either by learning more about who you are and ultimately buy your product or services.

The innovative combination of infographics, illustration, moving characters, creative scenes, and motion is the new trend for companies to brand themselves.

Animation is often the best solution for explaining complex ideas, transporting your captive audience to an inaccessible location, or even illustrating internal workings of technical apparatus, and so making it easier for your audience to understand.

And as a bonus, the entertainment factor plays a strong role as well, retaining potential clients’ attention with a wide range of style options.

Here at Astral Studios, we’ve helped fulfill content marketing needs for our clients by creating animated videos that are shown at live corporate events and can be placed in email campaigns, on corporate websites, broadcast and social media platforms.

The value of using this technology is most visible in the presentation of projects to potential clients or investors. For example, 3D animation fly-through videos so effectively advertise new Real Estate releases by transporting the buyer to the 3D floor plans and making them experience it as if they are actually doing a site visit. They become aware of the location, the neighbourhood, the apartment sizes and designs, the textures and finishes.

For the longest time animation has been an outlet for our artists, their creativity, and passion.

Let professional 3D animations be an extension to your existing marketing brochures and billboards. Reach potential buyers where they spend the most time – online. With animation you will not only be helping your clients visualize your products and services, you will be making their experience with your service unique and memorable.

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